Choc bliss bikkies

Bliss balls (energy balls, truffles…call them what you like) are something we whip up regularly in our house. Finn’s current favourites are ‘choc bliss bikkies’. They are so delish that I have to hide them from myself…or make a triple batch!

Gluten/dairy/refined sugar free, paleo, raw vegan (if honey excluded), nut free option.


1/2 cup of seeds (I use 1/4 cup sunflower & 1/4 cup pumpkin)
1/4 cup raw cacao or cocoa
1 Tbs chia seeds
1 cup almond meal (use coconut flour / more sunflower or seeds of your choice for nut free)
1/4 tsp sugar free vanilla extract
1 1/2 Tbs coconut oil
4 medjool dates, pitted
Local raw honey to sweeten if needed (see below for reasons to use raw local honey!)


1. Blitz the dry ingredients in a food processor until quite fine.

2. Add the vanilla, coconut oil and dates until the mixture starts looking like cookie dough. Have a quick taste and add a little honey to sweeten if you like.

3. Squeeze scoops of the mixture together with your hands, then press chunks of dough into tiny muffin moulds (or whatever shape you like).

4. Set in the fridge or freezer and enjoy.

These are also delicious baked in the oven for about 30 minutes at 150 degrees.

Why use local raw honey? Raw honey is full of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and powerful antioxidants. It has antibacterial, antiviral aaaand anti-fungal properties and is useful for strengthening the immune system and fighting allergies (as well as balancing blood sugar, calming nerves, relieving pain, reducing indigestion and relieving colds to name a few uses).

Local raw honey is even superer duperer as is contains pollen that is specific to your area. Enjoying local honey a few months before allergy season introduces the body to the local pollen and helps the body gradually build up a tolerance to seasonal allergies.

Now before you go eating honey by the pottle, be aware that it contains over 40% fructose which is of course, terrible in a large quantities (see this site for more information Too much fructose in any form (including fruit!) is not a good thing, so we still treat it as a treat to enjoy every now and then.



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