Cracked the nut milk

I had heard how easy it is to make your own almond milk. But so is buying it from the shop. Albeit a little pricey if you want to buy a decent one, however I have been buying it regularly since being dairy free as I never believed that it could reeeally be that easy to make.

Finn has recently started weaning, so I decided it was finally time we crack a good nut milk recipe and try making our own. The outcome – Finn thinks it is delish and I have discovered a blend of almond/hazelnut milk transforms my coffee into an amazing hazelnut latte! Making nut milk kills two birds with one stone as you end up with with delicious, additive free milk as well as beautiful almond or hazelnut meal; one of my favourite ingredients for just about everything!

Gluten/dairy/refined sugar free, paleo, raw vegan (if honey excluded).


1 cup of almonds or a blend of almonds/hazelnuts (oh my golly, try the blend!)
Water for soaking
2 1/2 cups water
Himalayan pink mineral salt
Vanilla (optional)

1. Soak the nuts overnight in filtered or spring water

2. Rinse the nuts, then whizz them in the food processor with 2 1/2 cups of water, a pinch of salt and vanilla to taste (I used about 1/2 tsp).

3. Pour half of the mixture into a bowl through a sieve lined with clean cheesecloth or muslin (not essential), then squeeze as much milk out using the cloth as possible. Use your hands if you don’t have the cloth.

4. Drink. Delicious. Milk.

5. Use the almond meal straight away or dehydrate in the oven and use later.

This morning we whipped up a batch and used the fresh almond/hazelnut meal to make crêpes, which we enjoyed while I sipped my ‘hazelnut latte’ and Finn had a fluffy. Simply yummo.

x Aunty Bee


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