Beetrootie fruittie smoothie

Aunty Lonnie and I have a *bit* of a thing about smoothies. When Finn and I first cut dairy and gluten from our diets, smoothies were our go to breakfast and snack throughout the day. They are such a wonderful way to incorporate vitamins, minerals, omega and you name it into our diets. I remember tasting one of Lonnie’s smoothies for the first time…some crazy green concoction which looked more like monster slime than something I wanted to drink. Then I tasted it. It was a bit life changing; how could something full of spinach and kale taste so good?? Lonnie is the smoothie master and I am a ninja in training. She has taught me that smoothies do not need to be full of milk, yoghurt, fruit, and honey and you can hide all sorts of vegetables in a smoothie without your little one even blinking an eye.

Darling Maggie is staying with us for a couple of nights (and her lovely family), so aunty Lonnie and I thought we would create a little something that they both adore; a berrylicious smoothie packed with veggies!


1 cup almond milk
1/2 small avocado
1 Tbs ground flaxseed
1/4 cup roughly chopped organic beetroot (peel if not organic)
2 -3 Tbs frozen berries
2 Tbs good quality coconut cream (such as Ayams or Trade Aide)
1/4 tsp vanilla
Water to thin if required


Whizz all ingredients with a stick blender or mini food processor.

We hope your little ones enjoy this as much as our babes. If you are working on cutting out refined sugar but not quite there yet, try some dried dates or coconut water instead of almond milk to sweeten.

x Aunty Bee



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