Berry, Coconut& Chia Puddings

I have just returned back from a two week holiday in Australia and lucky me, I am still on Queensland time..10.30pm here and still feels like 7.30pm…while I am so awake, may as well whip up a healthy breaky for the best start to our weekend!

Chia seeds are nothing new…you have probably heard about them already! I love them for their omega 3 fatty acids, protein and fibre content.  Pair them with velvety coconut cream and you have one heck of a duo..these little breakfasts are super simple to make, taste sublime and they also happen to be good to look at.

Berry, Coconut and Chia Puddings. (Makes 2)

Pour into a bowl half a tin of coconut milk (I used the ‘Trade Aid, Organic’ Brand)

Add 3-4 T of Chia Seeds

Add 1 t Cinnamon

Add 2 T Almond Meal

add 2-3 drops Organic sugar-free vanilla essence

If you must sweeten, add 2 t of sweetener of your choice (honey, rice malt syrup).  I personally think the fruit and coconut milk makes it sweet enough.

Mix all of these ingredients as they become a little more viscous and pour evenly in to two serving glasses.  Refridgerate until set (will only take 15 mins or so however I am leaving mine overnight for the morning) and top with (where possible) fresh, low fructose, seasonal and organic fruit.

Boost up the nutrient and protein content by sprinkling over activated nuts and seeds.  Tomorrows breakfast is topped with buckwheat, macadamias, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

This is all the gluten, dairy and sugar free goodness your tot will ever need in a breakfast!

xo. Aunty Lonnie

chia successchia puddings

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