Let’s face it, every now and then most of us need a little chocolate.

By mid-morning today, our house was in an embarrassing state of disarray. Dishes piled up from breakfast, dry washing to fold, wet washing to put out, vacuuming to do…etc etc etc. Luckily we live in the middle of no-where and do not get many visitors!

I was so overwhelmed that all I want to do was go outside with Finn, shut the door and eat chocolate. Mmmm chocolate. This divine recipe is something I often whip up and stash in the freezer for days like today. It wasn’t actually one that I was going to share here, as although the ingredients are ‘not that bad’, I don’t like to encourage a habit of eating sweet treats and it’s not something I generally feed my beautiful Finny Foo.

It is however, something that featured on his last birthday party menu and will definitely make a come back in a different shape next year (last year’s theme was jungle safari, hence the animals!).

Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, egg and nut free, paleo, raw vegan.


1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup raw cacoa (or cocoa)
1/3 almond meal
1 tsp vanilla
1 Tbs rice malt syrup (adjust to suit your taste)


1. Melt coconut oil and rice malt syrup on a low heat.

2. Remove from heat and whisk in remaining ingredients.

3. Place in moulds and set in fridge or freezer.

Uh oh…

x Aunty Bee


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