Smoothie in a Snap

Finn and I are going on a little adventure to stay with family next week. Unfortunately our multitude of smoothie ingredients are not the most convenient to travel with, so our daily green smoothies are often something we miss when we go away.

Then I remembered seeing a picture of a wonderful idea a while ago. Smoothies aren’t really something we use a recipe for, so this is just a good idea that I thought I would share….frozen smoothie packs!

We pack kale, celery, apple, coconut cream, flaxseed and blueberries, then just add almond milk or water to make our smoothies.

I don’t generally believe in ‘hiding’ veggies’ for kids, however if your little one ifs not fussed on them, smoothies are a great place to sneak them in; spinach, broccoli, beetroot…you name it!

Be nourished.

x Aunty Bee


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