Coconut & Apricot Slice

One of my dear friends has been making our bliss bikkies but mentioned she isn’t able to use dates as her son doesn’t like them…or rather, they don’t like him! So today I thought I would whip something up for little Mylo that didn’t contain dates and could easily be adapted to suit your taste.

This would be delish with cacao nibs, dried mango or pineapple, lemon or like zest…the possibilities are endless.

Gluten, dairy, refined sugar and egg free, paleo, raw vegan, nut free option.


1 cup threaded coconut
1 Tbs coconut oil
1 1/2 Tbs coconut cream
1 cup home made almond meal* / use ground sunflower seeds for nut free
1/4 cup dried apricots

I used leftover almond meal from making almond milk. Bought almond meal would also be fine, or you could just grind up some almonds in a food processor


1. Process coconut and coconut oil in mini food processor for at least 10 minutes, scraping the sides and pressing mixture to the bottom as you need to. The mixture should become oily and buttery.

2. Process almond meal and dried apricots until the apricots are finely chopped.

3. Mix everything together in a bowl then press in a loaf tin and put in the fridge or freezer to set for about 1/2 an hour. Store in the fridge or freezer.

Perfect for the odd treat!

x Aunty Bee


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