Green Eggs

In our household, our calendar is always chocka! Work, swimming lessons, day care and social and Maggie-specific activities…the recipes I tend to make are those that are the on-the-go kind of snacks.  In the mornings I often boil and peel some eggs and leave in the fridge to grab during the day for a quick snack for myself.  Maggie has been taking a liking to my boiled eggs too, however she will eat all of the boiled white and leave only the most nutritious part! The yolk! This will not do.

Today, for lunch we have made a variation of my Mums old school curried eggs sorry no cream and mayonnaise as she used to use.  I had half a left-over avocado from our toast for breakfast and thought why not mix the yolk with something I know Maggie will eat!

You will need:

4 Eggs boiled, peeled and cooled. 1/2 avocado, 1/2 t curry powder (optional), splash of coconut milk.

Instructions: Cut boiled eggs in half and gently scoop out yolks in to a bowl.  Add Avocado and curry powder to the yolks and mash well, I added a splash of coconut cream to give the yolks a creamy consistency here. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Spoon the yolk mixture back in to the egg white shells and sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs (mint and parsley).  So simple!

Yolks gone!

xo Aunty Lonnie

Green Eggs

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