Tasty Pork Patties


Finn LOVES meatballs, so occasionally I mix things up and shape them slightly differently šŸ˜‰

Today we whipped up some patties which were amaaaazing according to Finn and his daddy. I don’t like pork but Richard eventually persuaded me to take a bite and even I have to admit they were really delicious!

Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, nut and egg free.


400 – 500gm pork mince
Mineral salt
2 tsp whole grain organic mustard*
Fresh basil, chopped
1 slice fresh gluten free sourdough / other bread
Olive oil for frying

* I used Macros organic whole grain mustard from Countdown


1. Process bread in food processor to make bread crumbs.

2. Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix well to combine. Shape into patties or meatballs. Coat in breadcrumbs if you wish.

3. Fry in olive oil until golden and cooked through.


x Aunty Bee

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