Parmesan Pizza Topping (Dairy Free)

Gluten free pizza…easy. Dairy free pizza…possible. Gluten and dairy free pizza? I was sceptical, until I tried it with this Parmesan pizza topping!

After finding some beautiful preservative free salami at one of our local markets, I been dreaming of a salami and cheese pizza. Salami and cheese pizza without the stodgy ‘I’ve just eaten 10 tonnes of gluten feeling’, mmmm. If you fancy a pizza like this, give this recipe a whirl…I guarantee you will become addicted to the crumbly Parmesan topping, which would be delicious in risotto, a crumb for chicken, or a sprinkle on a veggie bake. It is so blimmin’ yummy!

I made a mini sourdough bases today as I had plenty of starter on hand, but next time I think I would just try sourdough cut into large circles with a cookie cutter for an instant pizza treat. There are also lots of good recipes around for cauliflower and other paleo pizza bases you could try if you aren’t into sourdough. I wouldn’t personally recommend bought pizza bases…aside from basically no nutritional value, they are full of sugar and other additives that little ones can do without.

We take it easy on salicylates/nightshades but have them as a treat every now and then. If you are completely tomato free, you could try an alternative sauce like dairy free pesto, hummus, pumpkin purée, olive tapenade, apricot sauce, carrot and Harissa sauce, aioli, chimichurri etc etc etc!

Gluten, dairy, refined sugar and egg free, vegan.


Parmesan topping:
1/2 cup macadamia nuts (preferably activated)
1 tsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp mineral salt

Quick sauce:
1/2 can organic tomatoes
2 Tbs tomato paste
A handful of fresh basil


1. Process Parmesan topping ingredients in a mini food processor and set aside.

2. Process quick sauce ingredients.

3. Spread sauce and toppings of your choice on pizza bases and top with Parmesan topping.

4. Bake on fan bake for about 7 – 8 minutes until golden.


x Aunty Bee


3 thoughts on “Parmesan Pizza Topping (Dairy Free)

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