Little Bare Whole Food Snacks

Although the kitchen most certainly is my ‘happy place’, most of the time we actually eat pretty simply and stick to the basics when it comes to snacks. Aunty Lonnie and I thought we would share a (mammoth!) list of our favourite go-to snacks that are staples for our little bears 🙂


Kale chips, carrot sticks, celery (plain or filled with nut butter, vegans cream cheese etc), zucchini sticks, raw broccoli, popcorn, corn cobs, fresh spring pea pods, sugar snap peas, cucumber (plain or stuffed), raw capsicum sticks, asparagus, button mushrooms, sprouts, beetroot (or turnip, carrot, swede etc) chips,  yams, homemade kumara or parsnip fries, brussel sprouts, roasties, beetroot or zucchini noodles, gherkins or cornichons, pureed veggies in kai carriers, salad jars, raw or grilled cauliflower, mashed veggie balls, veggie kebabs.


Avocado straight from the skin, frozen berries, fruit kebabs, cherry tomatoes, dehydrated fruit (occasionally), fruit spread with nut or coconut butter, all the regular fresh seasonal fruit culprits such as apples, bananas, figs, pears, peaches etc (whole or cut into pretty sticks or shapes with cookie cutters!).

Nuts /Seeds

Activated plain nuts such as almonds, cashews, brazil and walnuts, activated plain seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower, straight nut butter on a spoon, seed crackers, nut crackers.


Hummus, cannelloni bean dip, guacamole, nut butters, sunflower seed butter, lentil hummus, salsa, vegan sour cream (made with creamed cashew nuts, lemon juice and salt).


Salmon chunks, sausage pieces (try getting some made by a butcher without any additives), shredded chicken, chicken drumsticks, crumbed / fried fish pieces, plain beef jerky or biltong (check for additives like sugar, preservatives etc), shellfish, marinated beef strips, meatballs (beef, pork, chicken, lamb or venison), lamb cutlets.


Bone broth, coconut water, almond milk, green smoothies, pinwheels made with gluten free bread, poppadoms, cooked lentils or cannelloni beans etc, coconut flakes, boiled eggs, easy egg wraps, stuffed eggs, scotch eggs, ice pops (try coconut milk/fruit or plain ice etc – no need to add sugar), coconut yoghurt, natural yoghurt (if you have to eat yoghurt – try one without additives), quinoa pasta (plain or covered in veggie puree or dairy free pesto), sushi, sushi rice balls, rice nori, stuffed peppers, mini pizzas on gluten free bread, roasted chickpeas.

xx Aunty Lonnie & Aunty Bee

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