Bare Clubs

As far as lunches go, when you are at home it is so easy to take something pre-prepared out of the freezer or whip something up quite quickly but when you are on the run, out and about, or packing a picnic lunch, sandwiches are a classic and convenient option (and most kids eat them).  I am not going to patronize you readers with a lesson on how to make a sandwich, but I did think of you when I was making our lunch today as I have a few tips with sneaking nutrition in where your tots least expect it with some interesting filling ideas that will satisfy your child’s lunch time needs for protein, live foods and complex carbohydrates.

Firstly your bread choice is totally up to you.  We try to make as much as we can at home but there are a couple of commercial brands we buy from time to time and let’s face it, sandwiches are about convenience and sometimes we have to buy our bread.  Venerdi gluten free organic sourdough Brown bread is a great gluten free bread with less sugar, commercial yeasts and bad seed oils than other gluten free breads on the market, they also produce a ‘paleo’ loaf.  Local, Nelson ‘Dovedale’ gluten free breads are softer and easier to work with making sammys if you don’t want to fuss around with toasting..where possible, I try to choose a bought bread that has been made gluten free, dairy free, with the highest fibre content, seeds, rice syrup instead of sugar and no canola oil…

Below is a list of nutritious fillings (or toast toppers) that I mix and match with a lot.  Sandwiches are a great way to get fussy eaters to eat a filling you know they will like disguising an added filling they wouldn’t otherwise eat on their own so play around with combos (for example if your child will definitely eat a nut butter sandwich, try adding a few alfalfa sprouts to it, or if your child likes avocado, mix a little egg yolk in to it or mashed banana with chia seeds and nut butter or boiled egg mashed with homemade mayo, raw honey with hopefully get my point.)

My fillings list:  

Mashed avocado, nut Butter, seed butter, ground nuts or seeds, desiccated coconut, coconut oil, coconut Butter, boiled Egg, homemade mayonnaise (my recipe is in the fish, kumara rosti and salad recipe), date Paste, nut butter mixed with raw cacao and coconut, chia seed jam (my recipe is in the ‘choc-nache slice’ recipe), cucumber, spinach, lettuce, fresh herbs and spices (e.g stir turmeric or mint etc into homemade mayo), hummus, grated carrot, grated apple, good quality cold meats, alfalfa sprouts (or sprouts of any kind), mashed banana, vege puree, vegan cream cheese, raw honey, tahini, nutritional yeast.

Hopefully this will encourage some picky eaters out there or just give you some ideas to think about for added nutrition in your old fashioned sandwich.  Eating gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free doesn’t have to be all about spending forever in the kitchen or fancy, faddy, un-pronounceable, and not to mention expensive ingredients..just bring it back to the basics, and work with the tastes they currently like to create a great lunch option.

xo. Aunty Lonnie

Bare Clubs 2


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