Zinc Boosting Balls

When Finn was younger, it was recommended to us to give him zinc drops to boost his zinc levels. I’m not completely opposed to giving supplements if required, however I always prefer to get what we need from our diet and didn’t feel comfortable giving him anything like that while he was so young. Zinc needs co-factors of magnesium and vitamins B6, D and E for absorption, so I set out to create a bliss ball that incorporates all of these together to boost his zinc levels.

The result is a delicious chocolate flavour bliss ball that you wouldn’t even know is good for you 😉

Gluten, dairy, refined sugar and egg free, raw vegan and paleo.


1/2 cup of each almonds and cashews
1/4 cup of each pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, raw cacao, tahini & fresh medjool dates
1 tsp vanilla
Optional – sweetener such as honey or pure maple syrup


1. Activate the nuts and seeds as follows:

Cashew nuts – 3 hours (no longer than 6) with a teaspoon of salt
Almonds – 12 – 14 hours with a teaspoon of salt
All the seeds – 7 – 10 hours with 2 teaspoons of salt

I soaked the cashews from about 4pm – 7pm, then rinsed, drained and popped them in the fridge overnight, soaked the almonds from 7pm and the seeds from 9pm until the morning. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and you don’t have to dehydrate them with this recipe!

Alternatively you can use pre-activated nuts (that you have dehydrated already) and just add a little water as required to bind the ingredients. I have made this recipes both ways and they worked equally well.

2. Process the nuts, seeds and raw cacao in a food processor until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

3. Add tahini, dates and vanilla and process until smooth. Then add sweetener to taste if using and water if required (when I used dry nuts and seeds, I used about a tablespoon of water).

4. Roll into balls and set in the fridge or freezer.

x Aunty Bee




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