Little Choc Pots

This recipe however simple has been (until now) one of my best kept secrets.  It is a synergistic few ingredients that marry together to so beautifully enhance one another..forget BLT or Banoffee, this is the new combo “ACC”…I have presented this recipe in individual pots, topped with raw goodies here but the recipe is also my go-to ganache, tart filling (with a bliss ball type base pressed into a muffin tin to set), a beautiful accompaniment to the side of a cake, the easiest, velvetiest dessert created in a flash, for breakfast topped with your favourite granola or a layer in your favourite raw parfait, a scoop added to your choc berry smoothie, and spooned straight from the bowl into your mouth.

Fat Bomb was a term Brydie mentioned to me a while ago and since then I have seen the term thrown around quite a bit amongst like-minded bloggers and friends on the low carb/high fat page.  This recipe is definitely a nutritionally dense, good “fat bomb” that goes beyond comfort food or “addicted to” food, it will nourish, satiate, plug cravings and is tremendously healthy for sharing with your little ones..

You will need:

1 T per person of each of the following ingredients:

Here’s what “ACC” stands for: Almond Butter, Coconut Cream (little bare brand or ayam brand works best), Raw Cacao (must be raw for the full antioxidant benefits).

A few drops of pure vanilla extract-we use mrs rogers brand from countdown (no sugar)

Optional: added sweetener-if you use the brands of coconut cream that I mentioned above, these are sweet enough for us however if you do need a little sweetening, add the smallest amount of stevia, honey, rice malt or maple to taste.

To make: Place all ingredients in a bowl and stir really well until combined, if you are using another brand of coconut cream that is runnier it may pay to whip the coconut cream first and then stir in the other ingredients.  Pour into pots (or bliss ball tart cases) and refrigerate (if you can wait) for an hour or so.


xo. Aunty Lonnie


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