Lemon and Manuka Pops

Summer is on it’s way! An array of ice blocks have featured in the Little Bare kitchen in preparation for this beautiful occasion and my personal favourites are these refreshingly crisp lemon and manuka pops.

Gluten, dairy, refined sugar (contains unrefined sugars in the honey), nut, egg and soy free, paleo, raw vegan.


2 fresh lemons

1 Tbs manuka honey

1.5 cups water (+ or – depending on the strength you prefer)

Any additional flavours you wish to add: lime juice, fresh ginger, fresh mint (which you would have to blend), berries or other fruit.


1. Combine lemon juice, manuka honey and 1/2 cup of ‘tap hot’ water and stir to dissolve honey.

2. Add 1 cup cold water, stir, then pour into ice block moulds. Freeze for several hours until frozen.

x Aunty Bee



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