Mushroom, Leek & Chicken Bake

Whilst my veggie garden is fairly sparse at the moment, my ma’s is abundant with gorgeous greens, broccoli and LEEKS! I was very lucky to receive a veggie delivery this week, so I thought I would put the leeks to good use alongside our gorgeous Little Bare coconut cream in this mushroom and leek chicken bake. It is a real crowd pleaser and great way to keep the food bill down by using a slightly cheaper cut of meat.


Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy and egg free.



8 free range (organic if possible) chicken drumsticks

1 cup chicken broth or stock

1/2 tin (200mls) Little Bare coconut cream

1 tsp salt

2 tsp organic wholegrain mustard

1/2 tsp celery seeds

1 tsp organic brown rice flour

Olive oil

1 leek

Approximately 1 cup brown mushrooms (button are fine, I just prefer brown)


Preheat oven to 180 degrees on fan bake

1. Coat chicken in olive oil in a casserole dish, then place in the oven while preparing the rest of the dish. Set timer for 40 minutes.

2. Chop leeks and mushrooms then add to a frying pan on a medium heat. Cook for a minute or so, then add chicken broth. Once reduced by at least half (I cooked them for a good 15 minutes), add coconut cream and whisk flour in until smooth. Reduce until it is a thick gravy consistency.

3. Add sauce to chicken in the oven, then cook for remaining time or until chicken is cooked and slightly golden.


x Aunty Bee


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