We are Lonnie Pomeroy and Brydie Morrison; two friends who have shared an amazing journey of friendship and motherhood since meeting while we were pregnant with our first children. Two passionate foodies who began this blog to share the simple recipes that became staples for our children Maggie, Finn, Fletcher and Cooper. Two crazies who believe it should be normal for kids to eat normal food that is free of unrecognisable additives, excessive sugar and highly processed ingredients.

Our recipes are all free of gluten, dairy, unfermented soy and refined sugar as a starting point. Some of them are also free of eggs and nuts and are paleo or vegan. We don’t believe every family should eat one way or another, or follow ‘fad diets’ by any means; we simply share the recipes that work for us due to our own allergies and dietary requirements. After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma at just 16, optimum nutrition has been incredibly important for me (Lonnie) since my recovery. My (Brydie) journey began after discovering our son Finn had multiple food allergies and intolerances, and I believe this turning point was a blessing in disguise as we now eat a diet rich in fresh, nutritious whole foods which is how we ideally want to eat anyway.

It is this journey that led us to sourcing a selection of quality products that are free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and additives. We currently have two products which we are proud to put our name to; coconut cream and organic raw cacao powder…two of our favourite superfoods. Our products are currently available in a small selection of specialty stores in Nelson and Marlborough and directly via our website and Facebook shops.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our blog and enjoy trying some of our recipes, browsing our store and becoming part of the Little Bare community.

With lots of green, sprouted, activated, slow cooked, fermented, dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free love,

Lonnie and Brydie x


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